We are an Obstetric and Gynaecology Practice with a major focus on pregnancy care.

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We are an Obstetric Practice with minor and major gynaecology.

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We are an Obstetric, Infertility and Gynaecology Practice with a major focus on pregnancy care.

Our aim is to provide you with open and honest advice and the best personal and professional care for your pregnancy or gynaecological condition.

Our Services

Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy planning, Miscarriage and Pregnancy dating


Infertility, Contraception, Cervical screens (Pap smears), Colposcopy, Vaginal bleeding.

High Risk Obstetrics

Twin pregnancy, VBACs, hypertension, diabetes, other medical conditions


Prenatal diagnosis and counselling for genetic conditions

Routine Obstetrics

All aspects of antenatal and postpartum care, labour and delivery including normal deliveries and caesarean section

Question and Answers

Our major focus is on pregnancy care.

Our obstetric services include pre-pregnancy counselling, management of early pregnancy problems, antenatal care, labour, normal delivery, caesarean section and postpartum care.

We also offer a range of gynaecological services.

Our gynaecological services include investigation and management of infertility, cervical screening (Pap smears), colposcopy, contraception, management of menstrual disorders, menorrhagia, diagnostic and minor laparoscopic procedures and hysteroscopy.

We take time to listen to your needs, provide information and answer your questions. Some women have complex medical problems before and during pregnancy. In short, we talk to you. Your wishes will always be respected and we work together as a team.  We don’t do “5 minute” medicine. Some women have preconceived ideas about what they need e.g. “I need a hysterectomy for heavy bleeding” when in fact it may not be the best solution for their problem. Many women are aware of this “old school” approach but seldom aware of other less invasive non-surgical approaches such as insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUDs) and embolisation of fibroids.  No patient should have a gynaecologist agree to major surgery of this sort within 5-10 minutes of meeting their gynaecologist. (The Illawarra has a higher than average rate of hysterectomy). If you have this experience, seek another opinion. We always offer a range of solutions. We are happy to recommend the best surgeons for your particular condition.

We deliver and operate exclusively within the Wollongong Private Hospital. We are conveniently co-located with the Birthing Unit, Maternity Ward, Pathology, Pharmacy and Ultrasound services.

Our normal hours of operation are:
Monday to Friday 0900-1800
Some Saturdays between 0900-1230

Life is busy and as busy professionals we appreciate how difficult it can be to access medical care during normal working hours. If you need an appointment outside of regular working hours please contact us to discuss a mutually convenient time.

For the first consultation please bring your GPs referral, Medicare Card and details of Private Health Fund insurance. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any administration. We prefer payment via card or electronic transfer at the time of consultation.

Typically, an initial appointment takes between 45 -60 minutes. This is so we can comprehensively analyse your health needs e.g. some women present with heavy menstrual bleeding and have been too embarrassed to talk to someone about their leaky bladder. We take a holistic approach.

Subsequent appointments are typically 20-30 minutes depending on whether or not a procedure e.g. Pap smear and colposcopy are required. Sometimes, it may take longer depending on your specific problem.