As a rough guide, a woman having her first baby will on average have approximately 10 antenatal visits after 10 weeks. For those having their second or subsequent pregnancy an average of 7 visits is usually sufficient. Depending on the circumstances more visits may be required. Please feel free to come prepared with lots of questions, write them down and bring them in for discussion. Pregnancy can cause worries from time to time. Outside of routine scheduled visits we are happy to see you and address those worries and bulk bill any out of schedule appointment.

We can be contacted by email for non-urgent matters. Please allow a couple of days to receive an answer. More pressing matters can be discussed over the phone usually either immediately or within a couple of hours by contacting our rooms on (02) 4222 6007. If for any reason we don’t respond within an hour or two, please contact Wollongong Private Hospital Birthing Suite on (02) 4286 1228.

The Wollongong Private Hospital website ( is an excellent resource for what to bring to hospital, pregnancy classes etc. Just follow the links in the Maternity dropdown menu.

Preconception counselling:

If you are planning to fall pregnant it is advised to commence Folate supplementation 12 weeks BEFORE conception or as soon as possible on suspecting pregnancy. It’s preferable to make sure all immunisations (Rubella) and Pap smear are up to date before falling pregnant.

6-8 weeks:

Ideally, all pregnant women should be seen by their Obstetrician before 10 weeks. The first consultation should be a long one so that all relevant information for the pregnancy can be gathered and any relevant investigations organised.

10 weeks:

Confirm pregnancy dates and arrange for Combined First Trimester Screening (CFTS) or Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT). NIPT is a personal out of pocket expense not subsidised by Medicare.

15-16 weeks:

Assess results of CFTS and arrange for 18-20 week routine fetal morphology ultrasound (US). This ultrasound assesses all of bubs anatomy.

18-20 weeks:

Discuss results of US.

24 weeks:

In special circumstances a repeat US may be ordered.

Arrange for repeat FBC, Antibody screen and 75g GTT at 26-28 weeks

28 weeks:

Review the results of FBC, repeat antibodies and 75g GTT

Anti-D if Rhesus negative

Whooping Cough vaccination with local doctor

30 weeks:

Routine antenatal visit

32 weeks:

Routine antenatal visit

34 weeks:

Anti-D if Rhesus negative

Repeat US only if the placenta is low lying or there are other good reasons. Note, there is no evidence for a “routine” 34 week US

36 weeks:

For gestational diabetics a further US may be advised.

Low Vaginal Swab (LVS) for Group B Strep status (GBS).

Arrange for Caesarean section if this is the planned mode of delivery.

37 – 39 weeks:

Routine antenatal visits

40 weeks:

Discuss the possibility of Induction Of Labour (IOL) if indicated for obstetric reasons

41 weeks:

IOL is not recommended before 40 weeks + 10 days for “post-dates” unless there are other indications for an earlier induction.