Dr. Simon Winder can offer pre-pregnancy advice and guidance on preparing for a healthy pregnancy. This can include:

  • Evaluating your health history
  • Physical exam and any necessary tests to identify any pre-existing health conditions that may impact your pregnancy.
  • Developing a personalised plan for preconception that includes diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes to prepare your body for pregnancy.
  • Evaluation of your fertility, if you have been trying to conceive without success and recommending any treatments that may increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
  • Provide guidance on prenatal vitamins that are important for a healthy pregnancy, such as folic acid and when to start taking them.
  • Advice about supplements and/or medications that can be harmful during pregnancy.

Seeing Dr. Winder for pre-pregnancy advice can help ensure you are well-prepared for a healthy pregnancy and can help prevent potential complications.

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