Early Pregnancy

The early stages of your pregnancy are the most important in the health and wellbeing of mother and baby. We want you to have peace of mind that your care is in the best hands.

The confirmation that you are pregnant can be the most exciting news you’ve heard in a long time. A time of elation, joy, hopes – and a deluge of questions about what to expect, what you can and can’t do, what tests you need and more. Dr Winder and his team encourage starting your pregnancy planning as soon as you know you are pregnant. 

Early pregnancy generally covers your first trimester, or the 12 weeks of your pregnancy from your last period to week 12. This phase is critical because it can be confusing – women don’t have the same experiences or physical changes, and it’s important that as soon as you know you are pregnant, to start talking to Dr Winder about your personal circumstances and wishes, so they can support you with the best care from pregnancy through to labour and delivery.

Early pregnancy care and support

  • Pregnancy planning
  • Urine, blood, and general health and wellbeing checks
  • Pregnancy dating
  • Screening for genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome
  • Emergency and high-risk care 
  • Termination 

While the early stage of pregnancy is full of hope and excitement, the reality is that many will experience complications, such as screening that reveals a high probability of genetic disorders, or developmental problems, such as ectopic pregnancy. Dr Winder and his team handle these issues with care and compassion, coupled with honest and expert advice to help you make informed decisions. 

You’re pregnant, congratulations! What do you need to do next?

  • See your GP to ensure your immunisations and Pap smear are up to date
  • Book an appointment with Dr Winder to begin you pregnancy planning 
  • Complete a full medical and surgical history, as well as family history to provide a full picture of the care and support you need 
  • Schedule your antenatal checks with Dr Winder 

Dr Winder and his team will provide you with honest and expert advice at each stage of your pregnancy. Book an appointment early, because the more we know about you, your baby, and your wishes, the better antenatal care we can provide.  

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