General Obstetrics

Quality obstetric care starts with developing a relationship with your physician. A relationship based on trust and understanding your personal circumstances, to give you the best antenatal and postpartum care, labour and delivery of your baby possible.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is an exciting time, but also a daunting time, with so many changes, and so much to learn. We want to meet with you early in your pregnancy so we can get to know you and together celebrate the birth of your baby. 

We love babies. Even after thousands of births, we’re suckers for those little fingers and hands, those beautiful eyes. To get to that point is a journey. We want you to see us early, ideally before 10 weeks, so we can get to know you and begin your obstetric care with a full understanding of your personal circumstances and medical needs. We are with you from conception to birth, with all care provided by Dr Winder and his team, including your ultrasounds. Most importantly, we provide the advice you need to make decisions in the interest of the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.

How we work with you

  • Speak to you and your partner to understand your family, medical history, and your wishes, to tailor our care your circumstances 
  • Provide a pregnancy plan, including a schedule of visits throughout your pregnancy so you know exactly what is happening and when
  • Arrange necessary tests and screening, including the harmony test (non-invasive prenatal test), and ultrasounds
  • Advise and organise any additional tests or care for high-risk pregnancies
  • Create a labour and birth plan
  • Help deliver your baby with the best care and support possible

Our recommended antenatal schedule 

  • Preconception: make sure your immunisations and Pap smear are up to date
  • 6 to 8 weeks: First consultation to get to know you and organise any relevant tests
  • 10 weeks: Confirm pregnancy dates and arrange combined first trimester screening and  / or non-invasive prenatal test
  • 17 weeks: Ultrasound of your baby’s anatomy – you’ll see your baby’s face 
  • Regular schedule of visits for blood pressure, fetal heart assessment, uterine size, urinalysis and any other tests required

Your antenatal schedule is critical in the health and wellbeing of you and your baby. We want to be open and honest, even frank, with our advice, because we believe in helping people make informed decisions when it comes to having a baby. 

So many questions…

Falling pregnant can lead to information overload. With so many important questions, we've compiled a helpful list of answers and advice to guide you.

From exercise during pregnancy to diet, travel, sex, genral health and more, we understand that pregancy can be overwheleming. We also want you to have the best information and not be bewildered by the internet or confused by out-of-date or inappropriate advice.
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Childbirth and parenting programs

To help you prepare for the birth of your baby and for mother and child to have the best possible start to life, Illawarra Women’s Specialist Centre provides comprehensive childbirth and parenting programs.

We believe in education. That everyone should have access to the best medical advice and information to help women make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy. Our educators are registered midwives who deliver weekly classes covering all aspects of your pregnancy and birth of your child.
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