Tailored Fertility

You. Us. Together. We're here to help you.

You might have been dreaming of the sound of tiny feet in the house, but, like as many as 1 in 6 couples, you’ve been trying to conceive without success. First things first, fertility issues are not unusual, and seeking advice from a fertility expert is the first and most important step to finding the path to parenthood

We treat fertility as a couple’s issue.

It affects both of you and needs joint involvement to be a success. Dr Winder can help you find a way to make a baby that works for you.

Our promise to you

  • Compassion and care for every mother and baby
  • Expert medical care and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Honest advice from caring professionals
  • Support and understanding for your choices
  • Detailed and thorough pregnancy care and birthing plan
  • Continuity of care from falling pregnant to giving birth

What you can expect from us

We Listen

Dr Winder encourages mothers and parents to ask questions and advocate for the birth you would like to have. This is your pregnancy, your family. We are here to support you with the best medical care and advice.

We respect your choices

Dr Winder and his team understand that pregnancy can be a very emotional and challenging time in a couple’s life.

Plan your pregnancy

All your appointments, from 13 weeks until your due date, will be booked in advance once you reach 13 weeks gestation, allowing you the convenience to plan your appointments around your lifestyle.

We encourage vaginal birth

Dr Winder encourages normal vaginal delivery with interventions only when required. Delivery by caesarean section if necessary and by request after appropriate discussion

Continuity of Care

Dr Winder oversees all aspects of your pregnancy and birth, providing an unmatched level of care.

Experience and honesty

Dr Winder’s experience covers all facets of obstetrics, from general prenatal care to high-risk prenatal care. He will give you expert and honest advice at all times.

Early Pregnancy Care

The first trimester is critical. Dr Winder’s thorough assessments and advice will ease you through what can be an overwhelming time.

High-risk pregnancy

A tailored pregnancy plan and Dr Winder’s vast experience puts you and your baby in safe hands.

Ready to make a booking to see Dr Winder?

Your journey to motherhood starts with a conversation with Dr Winder. We aim to get to know you, your wishes and needs, and start planning your pregnancy and birth in partnership with you. For the first consultation, please bring your GP referral, Medicare Card, and details of your private health insurance.

First-time mother FAQs

Our normal hours of operation are:
Monday to Friday 0900-1800
Some Saturdays between 0900-1230

Life is busy and as busy professionals we appreciate how difficult it can be to access medical care during normal working hours. If you need an appointment outside of regular working hours please contact us to discuss a mutually convenient time.

Our major focus is on pregnancy care. Our obstetric services include pre-pregnancy counselling, management of early pregnancy problems, antenatal care, labour, normal delivery, caesarean section and postpartum care. We also offer a range of gynaecological services. Our gynaecological services include investigation and management of infertility, cervical screening (Pap smears), colposcopy, contraception, management of menstrual disorders, menorrhagia, diagnostic and minor laparoscopic procedures and hysteroscopy.